A Team That Lives The Product

There is something different about Freeletics Engineers!

As a relatively young company, we constantly reinvent readjust our internal structures, teams, and ways of work. We have a young, diverse team. There are people from 37 different nationalities working in our office in Munich, and the average engineer is 30. However, one major trait cuts across nationality or age: Good or bad moments, everyone cares and keeps going! We truly live our product!

This doesn’t mean that everyone working at Freeletics needs to be a Free Athlete or into sports. But Freeletics has a way of transforming people, not only the users but also the people working here. The values behind the hexagon become ingrained in us.

Everyone working here knows the impact our product has on millions of people, making their lives better not just physically but also mentally.

Especially for the engineering department, it’s incredible how much we all want to contribute not just by writing code, but by living this product.

Most clips in this video show Freeletics engineers attending conferences, doing Freeletics on their holidays, sharing a product they love and improve every day.

When you believe in what you’re working for, when you find it beneficial, you want to represent it you’ll use it, you’ll challenge others to do it, because it’s fun, it’s pure fun.