Freeletics Engineering

Every day we work to build an artificial intelligent personal coach used by our Android & iOS apps that helps over 51 million people around the world become their best version. Our engineering team takes the same approach to become their best version of their code. We continuously strive to be better. Here you will find a collection of our thoughts, experiences and learnings we found along the way.

droidcon Berlin 2021: impressions and trends

My Five Years Learnings at Freeletics

Scaling Authorized Content Access in microservice Architecture

Finding the right abstraction (when working with Strings on Android)

How we manage UI states in Android

Implementing a Tracking System for iOS with CoreData

Shared login across Android apps

Continuous Integration for Rails project using Github Actions

Automating your GitHub routine

A Comprehensive Guide to Testing iOS GPS Accuracy

Open sourcing RxSmartLock

Making Smart Lock for Passwords Reactive

ArrayEnum gem for PostgreSQL array columns

Backend Academy Hack Day

Fixing Flaky Tests in CircleCI

A State of MVVM

Open sourcing RxRedux

360 AnDev Conference: Personal Highlights

Android App Bundle

A journey to a smaller APK

Creds - Multi Environment Credentials

A Team That Lives The Product

Automated Mobile Localization Process

Working at Freeletics

Migration to RxJava 2.x

Spikeweek at Freeletics

Showcasing Android Tech Stack

Git and Github Usage


Reusable validations in Rails Form Objects

Using Database Replicas in Rails with Octopus Gem

Paperclip Validation outside of ActiveRecord

Fitness Motion Recognition with Android Wear

Hello World